The best laid plans…

May 26, 2009 Ka'ela Ja'el
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HA! Me and plans!

Go to the bank
Packing suitcase
Packing trailer
Get sound fx for movie
Edit movie together
Fixing rabbit run
Dinner and snackage
Last minute tidy

Things I have started on: 8

The movie editing I can do in the car. In fact, I have until Friday to get that finished. One of the reasons for going to Gero is for our annual movie night. My uncle hosts a movie night on his farm and about 100 people come over and sleep the night. This year they are having a short film festival, so the kids and I have been preparing our contribution.  

The folding, yes, well…that I am procrastinating on.

The trailer however, is where we have hit a snag.
Tusk went to pull the trailer around from the side only to remember that we have loaned it to Silkie a couple of weeks ago.  So now we are sitting waiting for her to bring ot back.

I really should be folding….oops, trailer is here, damn, folding will have to wait until we get back.


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