Female Appreciation Month

July 27, 2009 Ka'ela Ja'el
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For a while, I really struggled to think of songs that I like by female artists and then I had a break through…one of thos dam breaking kind of breakthroughs where it started off as a trickle when I suddenly remembered that I liked one song, and then another, and another and oh wait I *love* this song, and *that* one, and didn’t this girl band cover *that* song, and then one of them went solo and did that one I *really* liked and so on….

So I have been wading through more youtube listening to some of the stuff I like. A lot of it is really predictable and commercial – I tend to pick most of my stuff off the main radio stations that aim at me as a demographic.

However, the song I can’t believe I didn’t think of before when I was struggling for favourites was this one:

This is it! This is OUR song. Now it’s not like we were at a disco and this song came on as our eyes locked across a crowded room…However, it did come out when Tusk and I were first going out together and it became *ours*, as these things do from time to time. It was one of our wedding songs. It gets played relatively regularly, and if we hear it on the radio it gets turned right up. It has been covered by Atomic Kitten with a meh version, and by Human Nature who did a really good job of it, but I still love this version.


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