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“Thanks, but no thanks”

Today I got the phone call from the City of Perth 😦 All together now…aawwww 😦

However…there is good news with the phone call. Well, the fact that it was a phonecall and not just a letter is good news in itself, but on top of that, they said that I interviewed very well (I never feel I do) but they felt I was overqualified as it is an admin role and they thought I might get bored in the role, but they would very much like me to keep an eye out and apply if anything else comes up in their events team as they think I would be a valuable addition.

So, yay for little ego boos 🙂


In domestic news, I haven’t baked for a week or so, so today I made gingernuts. A few weeks ago I saw these gorgeous Coraline cookies online and decided to try my hand at the design.


buttons 1

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Ze Meme

I am pretty sure I’ve never done this meme before, so, what the hey…

Gakked from [info]pjthompson.

Your instructions:
If you are reading this right now, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.
It can be anything you want – good or bad – BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.
When you’re finished, post this little paragraph on your LJ and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON’T ACTUALLY remember about you.

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And a happy little addendum…

The police have rung and Chickie’s purse has been handed in.

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Worst! Night! EVA!

Or so it was declared…at least at one point.

You know how when you’re looking forward to something, and then the event happens exactly like you imagined and it’s perfect? or it doesn’t and it’s awful? or it doesn’t and it still works out good? Last night was almost the second but fortunately missed it by a whisker, instead falling into the third category.

Last night Chickie, my cousin H, and I went to see Harry Connick Jr at Kings Park. We were really looking forward to it. So much so that we bought tickets as soon as they came on sale. H was particularly excited as this was her first concert in over twenty years, because, you know, she’s been busy mothering and stuff.

So we stare at the threatening rain, get our umbrella confiscated and lose Chickie, who in turn loses her purse complete with ticket for the show.

So after walking, in six inch heels, from the train station to kings park, with a few detours from getting lost, she calls me in tears proclaiming it the Worst! Night! Ever!!

I decided that she should go in on my ticket while I’d take H’s car to look for her purse, except that as a licensed event, anyone under 18 must have a guardian with them. She’s over 18, but all her ID is in her purse. So I leave her at the gate in a right state, and go and explain the dramas to H. When we get back, there’s a man and woman standing over her and she’s still in tears.

The woman was one of the organisers, and the man was Steve, (or it could’ve been Shane – I’m not sure), a representative of Mellen Events who were putting the show on. They had heard the dramas and offered us two reserve seating tickets so we could enjoy Harry.  So H and Chickie went and sat in the VIP section while I flaked out on the grass.

But you know, despite all the dramas and stress, the show was great!

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About this retirement thing…

It was working really well, but if I stay retired there are some things I am going to have to do without…like Worldcon. Worldcon itself isn’t a problem, and even the big family holiday we are having after that isn’t the issue.

No, the problem is, the exact same weekend of Worldcon we have our District Convention in Perth. As a Witness, this is the biggest event we have. It’s a 3 day annual convention with about 10,000 people. And it’s awesome. It’s also, for me, a not negotiable thing. So when we got the dates this year, I was all angsty with the clash of dates.

We looked at all the alternatives we could think of, and it seems like we have worked out a compromise of sorts. Tusk and I are going to go to the DC in Sydney in August. And this will be our 20th anniversary getaway 🙂 Then I’ll go to Worldcon sans family while they attend the Perth DC, before joining me in Melbourne to kick off our big adventure.

So now I have to go and pay for it 🙂 I’ve landed a job at Woolworths Petrol doing 2 nights a week, which suits me just fine. And then, yesterday, I get a phone call about a position I applied for with City of Perth assisting with events and sponsorship. (OMG!OMG!) They want me to interview on Monday.

Which brings me to a story…

Several years ago, I applied for a job at Kmart. The next week, I got offered the management position at Artype.

The next time I tried for a supermarket job was Coles. The next week I got a phone call offering me the position at the Minister’s office.

I’m kind of hoping this is a pattern 🙂

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Flower Power


Today I attempted flowers made from sugar gum. It took me all day, but I finally ended up with an orchid and a rose.

Today’s effort…

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Hey, maths people

One of my mottos in life is “Maths is evil.” I don’t ‘get’ maths. It is confusing and nasty, but, unfortunately, on occasion, it’s necessary. Other times it just sneaks up on me and attacks when I am looking in some totally innocent quarter. Then it jumps out at me spouting gibberish. Which is what it did today.

So, can someone interpret this for me?


…speeds of 200 cm s-1

Huh? I understand 200 cm. I am pretty sure the s mean seconds, but what does the little –1 mean?

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What I’ve been doing lately…

Not much in actual fact 🙂

Lots of cooking and playing with new recipes. Making lots of yoghurt which I seem to have streamlined and perfected. Also discovered a divine vege salad in a magazine that I stole from the fish and chip shop.

I’ve also been seriously looking in to home schooling for Munchkin, and today I took the first official steps towards this.

Yesterday, the gorgeous   dropped in for a couple of hours for a good chat and catch up. We got to hang for a several hours while our boys hid away and played xbox in the toy area, and we got to watch our baby girls do craft and play Bratz dolls. I also got lots of baby cuddles. 🙂

This afternoon I decided to try my hand at fondant.

After a hiccup or two with the cupcake making, (which actually resulted in a win!) I got to the fondant.

I’m not sure what I think of these. For a start, when you don’t know what you’re doing, it can take ages! and it can be sticky and messy. And I couldn’t always get the fondant to do what I wanted. The pink and blue cake down the bottom was supposed to have a bow on top of it. The theory for doing the bow is easy, but it just kept drying and breaking which I found really frustrating. Anyway, I’ll try it again, but I think I need to read up on it some more.


Pictures under here…

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Fruit loopy

Today (with help from Tusk) I have:

Hulled 9 kilos of strawberries (Cost a grand total of $1/kg)

Peeled 10 kilos of apples ($2 total)

Stewed, bagged and frozen 10 kilos of apricots ($2 total)


Now we are:

Cooking strawberry jam

Cooking apples


I still have to:

Make apricot liqueur

Make strawberry liqueur


I love the Spud Shed 🙂

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With shades of Rumplestiltskin

Today’s adventure in the kitchen consisted of carrot cake. Carrot is a root vegetable so therefore this is healthy and counts towards my 5 serves of veg for the day.

Of course, the only reason to eat carrot cake is CREAM CHEESE FROSTING! Amiright? I think I just might be. In fact it was the frosting alone that converted me to eating carrot cake initially.

I’ve never made carrot cake, I tend to be rather fond of the carton version my friend Sara makes 🙂 and the thing is, I am not a fan of walnuts, which so many recipes called for, so I decided to substitute pecans instead, and this seems to have worked.

Then I ate made the frosting. My idea was to experiment with different nozzles and see what the various large ones did, as I tend to use the very small nozzles. So again, I practiced shells, and rosettes and stars mainly, but with quite a few swirls in there as well.

Once they were done and setting I got my princess on and tried my hand at spinning hay into gold sugar into strands. I’ve made loads of toffee before, but I’ve never spun sugar, so it was an experience. It took me two tries. The first looked pretty enough, but had quite a burnt flavour…which I may have been able to overlook, but in my infinite wisdom I did it all on waxed paper. Um…not such a bright idea. Very hard to separate the paper from the fine strands. The second go went straight onto my bench top. I don’t think I would recommend this for everyone, but my bench top is very smooth tile so I figured it could take the heat and not stick. I also gave the bench a light spray with cooking spray and the strands just slid straight off.

Well, the finished result looks quite fancy-shmancy, and doesn’t taste too bad either.


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I’ve Said It Once…

Past Ingredients