Worst! Night! EVA!

March 28, 2010 Ka'ela Ja'el
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Or so it was declared…at least at one point.

You know how when you’re looking forward to something, and then the event happens exactly like you imagined and it’s perfect? or it doesn’t and it’s awful? or it doesn’t and it still works out good? Last night was almost the second but fortunately missed it by a whisker, instead falling into the third category.

Last night Chickie, my cousin H, and I went to see Harry Connick Jr at Kings Park. We were really looking forward to it. So much so that we bought tickets as soon as they came on sale. H was particularly excited as this was her first concert in over twenty years, because, you know, she’s been busy mothering and stuff.

So we stare at the threatening rain, get our umbrella confiscated and lose Chickie, who in turn loses her purse complete with ticket for the show.

So after walking, in six inch heels, from the train station to kings park, with a few detours from getting lost, she calls me in tears proclaiming it the Worst! Night! Ever!!

I decided that she should go in on my ticket while I’d take H’s car to look for her purse, except that as a licensed event, anyone under 18 must have a guardian with them. She’s over 18, but all her ID is in her purse. So I leave her at the gate in a right state, and go and explain the dramas to H. When we get back, there’s a man and woman standing over her and she’s still in tears.

The woman was one of the organisers, and the man was Steve, (or it could’ve been Shane – I’m not sure), a representative of Mellen Events who were putting the show on. They had heard the dramas and offered us two reserve seating tickets so we could enjoy Harry.  So H and Chickie went and sat in the VIP section while I flaked out on the grass.

But you know, despite all the dramas and stress, the show was great!


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  • 1. crankynick  |  March 28, 2010 at 9:58 am

    That was pretty cool of them. Glad it worked out well.

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