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The solving of one of life’s little mysteries….

Chickie is almost 19, and has the palate of a teenager. She loves lolly-water – aka Vodka Cruisers. Last night she brought home 5. A fourpack of cranberry, and a brand new flavour called POMPOM.

It turns out POMPOMs must be what the pink marshmallows are called. Because that is exactly what it tastes like. Which is fine for a sip or two…or for a 19 year old.

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Doin’ The Dot Point Thing

After a rather hectic week or two (hence no baking), I have just enjoyed a weekend of thorough awesomeness with family and friends and am failing at getting back into the groove of life. :/


What I did:

  • Watched movies under the stars with ~100 family/friends
  • Snuggled under a pristine sky
  • Caught up with cousins and assorted offspring
  • Had a giant bonfire and roasted marshmallows
  • Traded two teenage boys for 3 crayfish
  • De-internetted
  • Cooked, ate and drank
  • Impressed people with my squeaky salad
  • Got teased about being pregnant
  • Caught up with friends
  • Admired the growing menagerie of farm animals
  • Drove passengered? a thousand kilometres
  • Made plans for a big family getaway later in the year


What I didn’t do:

  • Sleep (much)


Arrived home yesterday in time to go to work last night…*sigh*

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Half of a pair…

So today should’ve been a twofer. My kitchen has seen a bit of activity in the last couple of days. The only thing is, I had no camera on hand last night before I went to work, and by the time I got up this afternoon, the batch of lemon meringue cupcakes had disappeared. I’d put on my *grumpy mummy* face, but a) I’m too tired, and b) I may have eaten some of them myself – they were *good*.

However, one batch has survived so far 🙂 Well, a couple of them remain.

This time I experimented with cutouts. I iced the cupcake in one colour, and then did a white overlay that I pressed patterns out of and managed to create a doily 🙂

doily cake

doily cakes


For my next effort, I am debating superheroes or muppets at this stage…

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I’ve Said It Once…

Past Ingredients