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Tales from the Service Station window…

Dear Sad Lonely Guy,

I get you being embarrassed about asking me to get your ‘dirty magazines’, really, I do. Please don’t compound your embarrassment by explaining that you’re a guy and you need them because you didn’t ‘pick up’. In this instance, an awkward silence is probably better. Trust me.



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:::Sugar Alert::: :::Sugar Alert:::

For those of you watching your sugar intake, proceed with caution.


This week I decided to graduate from cupcakes and try my hand at decorating a large, whole cake. So, since Monday is Home Schooling cooking day, I got Munchkin to make a simple butter cake, mostly on his own.

This cake used:

2 varieties of fondant

  • Rolled Fondant
  • Fondant Icing

Royal Icing

Swiss Meringue Buttercream


Do you know how much sugar that is??? I think I’ve gone into sugar overload purely by osmosis.

In the process of making my fondant, I successfully killing my Kenwood Chef *sad face*. Which while a big problem, was an even bigger problem when I decided in all my wisdom to try making Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Tastes yum, let me tell you. But the Meringue part of the recipe…not a good idea when you don’t have a mixer! I am so feeling it in my arms today.

I have to say, Tusk is my hero, and managed to repair my Chef, which is, might I add, eleventy billion years old. Well, maybe not quite that old, but certainly getting close to 30 years old. But the discussion has been had about replacing it, and I have begun the process of investigating which kitchen toy I want :)  With it repaired I was able to finish the Meringue frosting. and begin the actual decorating part.

The main thing I was trying to achieve was learning how to roll out fondant and cover the cake, all pretty and smooth and white. Yes, well.

No, actually, for my first attempt, I’m really quite pleased. I can see lots of room for improvement, but I think mostly I know where I went wrong, or how to improve it. I don’t think I had the consistency of the fondant quite right, so it kept getting micro cracks and tears in it. The colour disagreed with me big time, and didn’t want to do what *I* wanted it to, but over all, not too bad. Oh, and we won’t talk about the consistency of the royal icing border on the bottom. Of course, by the time I got to that, I was getting to the ‘over it’ stage, as anyone who walked into the kitchen could attest.

Results under here:


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Is it wrong…

The Job That Is Serving A Purpose (TM) required me to fill in a 40-odd page training booklet. A lot of the questions are obscure and require you to search through files and SOPs to find the answers. And a lot of the answers don’t seem to exist, including the following one.

One of the sections was on industrial accidents, specifically LPG, and how to handle it to prevent ‘freezer’ burns. Then there was this question:

  • What should you do if LPG gets in your eyes?
  • My answer: Pray for a super power.

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And because I can…

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Here’s another, better, photo of the pretty cupcakes, because it didn’t upload the other day.



And I may have bought a truckload of cake decorating tools and stuff last night on Ebay. What of it?

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Pretty cupcakes

I’ve been in my job three months now and this week I finally seem to have worked out a proper sleeping pattern. If I have an hour or two sleep when I come home from work, I can go to bed properly at about 5 or 6 pm and get about six hours sleep before work. And I still get a useable day to do *stuff*.

So today, I cupcaked.

Today was about presentation and pretties and trying a technique where two (or more) colours of frosting are piped together.

The little pink roses are similar to ribbon roses, where I’ve cut a small strip of gum paste and just rolled and squeezed one edge together. It was my first attempt at them, and the little purple flowers and I was quite pleased with the end result 🙂 The duo-frosting technique needs a bit more practice though.

Flower cupcake

Flower cupcakes all

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I’ve Said It Once…

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