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August 20, 2010 Ka'ela Ja'el

I know I’ve been a little quiet on here, but that’s because of life in general.

Cut because I get a bit graphic…

Tusk and I had a quick trip to Sydney where we got to hang out with nearly 14,000 of my closest friends 🙂 image


(Think Swancon, only BIGGER. And with *slightly* different content.) Better yet, we got to leave the kids behind, so it was 5 days to ourselves. *bliss* In a 5 star hotel. *blisser*


So in between flitting around the countryside, I’ve been working at The Job That Serves a Purpose, where they keep sneaking extra shifts on me, and I’ve been baking. And planning baking. And thinking about baking. All in honour of

’s book launch last night of Worlds Next Door.

The launch itself was awesome. A pretty good sized turnout at the Rockingham Library with little fairies and princesses and pirates and ninjas running amok everywhere. And some not so little. The amount of sugar and food colouring in that room was astronomical, and quite evident by the end of the launch ;P

My contribution was cupcakes, of course, which gave more than their fair share.

There were tiaras…


…and swords…


…and min cupcakes with wands…


…on Choc Banana Caramel (Caramel Cream Cheese frosting – yum! And I don’t do caramel!) and Coca Cola Chocolate Cupcakes.



And pretty pink roses on strawberry delight


There were also witches and wizards hats.



And of course adult cupcakes…White Chocolate Million Dollar Cupcakes with Crème de Cacao



And their Dark Chocolate equivalent with espresso and Frangelico, These are the family favourite and somehow go accidentally left home. Oops. 🙂



And for those that like cakes, and those that like books, what could be more appropriate then a Book Cake?

But I can’t show you it. Yet. I am waiting for photos. But I was quite pleased with the end result.

Of course, what this means, is that yesterday’s diet consisted of about half a kilo of frosting and four glasses of wine, all before going to work.


So now it’s prep time for WorldCon. Yay!

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