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Self Sufficiency

Historically, we are terrible gardeners – we have big ideas, and will make over a garden into prettiness and the…something goes wrong. And it doesn’t really matter what it is – flowers, veges, herbs…they all exist in suffering under our hands. But it doesn’t mean we don’t keep giving it a go from time to time.

Then a couple of months ago, Tusk got introduced to aquaculture. A couple of guys at his work have been experimenting with it, and he started to get excited by the concept. Slightly costly setup to get started, but it did look interesting, and the promise of abundant fresh veges and fish was tempting. So we decided to give it a whirl.


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Today I Committed Cake

Well, fondant actually. I decided to make some flowers and just play around and see if all my years of practice with play dough would amount to anything 🙂


There were a couple of ideas I wanted to play with, but mostly I figured that if I am decorating and need flowers they need to be dry anyway, so it won’t hurt for me to have a bit of a stash.



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Aussiecon Highs and Lows

I’m sure everyone has done their Aussiecon round up by now. (Am on the hunt for all the blogs so feel free to point me at them) But since holidays have made me two weeks behind, here’s the dot points of my con experience.



  • Galactic Suburbia live recording
  • Spending lots of time with


  • Squeeing over Boxcutters crew
  • Meeting Rob Shearman
  • Meeting the awesome Alex
  • And lots of other awesome peoples
  • Frocking up – coz I love to do that any chance I get 🙂
  • Cocktail party!
  • Room Party!
  • Voyager Party!
  • The whole atmosphere of the con



  • Missing Tusk
  • Missing my flight
  • Missing my kids
  • Losing the diamond from my engagement ring
  • Getting sick – just a sore throat and minor head cold, but just enough to impact on my enjoyment a bit

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I’ve Said It Once…

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