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Okay, maybe I should concede defeat and admit I’m no longer retired…

I have been crazy!stupid busy lately. In between work and general life stuffs there have been days where I haven’t had time to stop, so my online play time has been impacted quite seriously.

I’m still at The Job That Serves A Purpose, even though the original purpose has been served – the parameters of the purpose have been broadened ever so slightly, so I’ll probably stick at it for a bit. To be honest, it’s dead easy work generally, although a little on the brain dead side, but it is local, and it is part time, and with the night time penalties the hourly rate makes a nice impression on my pay packet.

But in addition to that, I’ve been temping in Osborne Park, so I’ve been having to get back into the swing of a commute, complete with a 6am awakening. Ergh. Couple this with TJTSAP, there have been days where I have been up at 6, done a full 8 hours, snoozed on the train, come home and slept for several hours and gone and done a 6 hour shift. So last week, I did those two jobs, plus a second temping job where I take minutes for the Cockburn Cement EIP meetings.

And then, just for fun, I decided to hold a car rally. Because I could, obviously 🙂 And, you know, regular family stuff, homeschooling, as well as trying to keep up with a semblance of a social life.

So the next obvious step is taking a full time job, isn’t it?! Of course it is. I got approached about two weeks ago and asked, if by any chance, I was interested in temp work. I said yes, before actually asking what it was…B is going on LSL for several months and needs someone to replace her. Full Time. For four and a half months! The astute person will note this takes me right through the Swancon period. o_0

I interviewed at 2.30 today. Well, went in for an informal chat really. They rang me at 3.15 and offered me the role.

The upside is I will be the official Twitter and Facebook moderator for a Govt Department. And I will be organising events. (Yay!) Plus, you know, money is good 🙂 Especially since we are looking at getting a new car early in the New Year.

I’ve spoken to my manager at TJTSAP, and I should be able to go on LWOP, so I will have that to go back to afterwards, too.

But, Full Time. ergh…

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Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur… (or how we got conned)


We are cat people. I’ve had cats pretty much all my life. So has Tusk. But for the past four years or so, our family has been minus a feline companion. Sadly, our cat, Miss Molly, was run over not long after moving up to Perth, and because we were renting at that stage, and looking to move into another rental, we decided it would be wise to hold off for a bit.

So we did.


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