Okay, maybe I should concede defeat and admit I’m no longer retired…

November 19, 2010 Ka'ela Ja'el

I have been crazy!stupid busy lately. In between work and general life stuffs there have been days where I haven’t had time to stop, so my online play time has been impacted quite seriously.

I’m still at The Job That Serves A Purpose, even though the original purpose has been served – the parameters of the purpose have been broadened ever so slightly, so I’ll probably stick at it for a bit. To be honest, it’s dead easy work generally, although a little on the brain dead side, but it is local, and it is part time, and with the night time penalties the hourly rate makes a nice impression on my pay packet.

But in addition to that, I’ve been temping in Osborne Park, so I’ve been having to get back into the swing of a commute, complete with a 6am awakening. Ergh. Couple this with TJTSAP, there have been days where I have been up at 6, done a full 8 hours, snoozed on the train, come home and slept for several hours and gone and done a 6 hour shift. So last week, I did those two jobs, plus a second temping job where I take minutes for the Cockburn Cement EIP meetings.

And then, just for fun, I decided to hold a car rally. Because I could, obviously 🙂 And, you know, regular family stuff, homeschooling, as well as trying to keep up with a semblance of a social life.

So the next obvious step is taking a full time job, isn’t it?! Of course it is. I got approached about two weeks ago and asked, if by any chance, I was interested in temp work. I said yes, before actually asking what it was…B is going on LSL for several months and needs someone to replace her. Full Time. For four and a half months! The astute person will note this takes me right through the Swancon period. o_0

I interviewed at 2.30 today. Well, went in for an informal chat really. They rang me at 3.15 and offered me the role.

The upside is I will be the official Twitter and Facebook moderator for a Govt Department. And I will be organising events. (Yay!) Plus, you know, money is good 🙂 Especially since we are looking at getting a new car early in the New Year.

I’ve spoken to my manager at TJTSAP, and I should be able to go on LWOP, so I will have that to go back to afterwards, too.

But, Full Time. ergh…


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