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On Passions

I’ve spent last night and today reflecting on my passions, and by extension, what defines me. Yesterday, 

  asked me about them, and what makes me passionate, and I wasn’t sure how to answer, because it’s not something I’ve ever really thought about.


My immediate answer was Tusk, my family, and my Hobby of the Moment, but outside of those, I wasn’t entirely sure,  as I’ve never tried to define them. So I’m going to give it a go.  

What am I passionate about? What makes me ME?

My religious beliefs – this is the most important thing in my life. I try to make my life fit around my beliefs and worship, rather than than the other way around. I’m not always successful with this, and it certainly isn’t always easy.

Tusk – We are two weeks off our 21st anniversary and I am still passionate about him. He still makes my insides flip-flop when I see him. He is the single most important person in my life and the person I want to spend most of my time with. Even when we’re working we will call each other numerous times throughout the day just to say ‘hello’, and ‘I love you’.

Family – My kids and my parents and my extended family. We’ve always been a close family.

The Hobby of the Moment – this varies, but currently, as we all know, it’s cake decorating. Previously it’s been writing, beading, drawing and sewing. I guess the common theme is creativity – so perhaps that’s the umbrella answer there. I’ve always been creative.

Event organising – I love this! Whether it’s a giant gala ball for 500 people with a six figure budget, or a teensy little kitchen tea on a shoestring. To be honest, the bigger the event and the tighter the budget, the more I like it, I think. 

Happiness – I think (generally speaking) we’re all in charge of our own happiness. There are some things that you cant change if it’s out of your control, don’t worry about it. One of my mottos in life is “You always have a choice, even if it’s just a choice of attitude.” I know it’s not always practicable, but I strive to look at the bright side of things, to always assume that something positive is meant, rather than assuming the worst of a situation or a person.

Learning – I love learning new things. I love that learning phase of being in a new job. I’m content to know a little bit about an awful lot, rather than having an expert knowledge in one subject.


This is by no means an extensive list – I think my passions tend to change depending on my mood / the weather / the time of day / whatever. As I thought about this, I realised I don’t have favourites of things, you know. I don’t have a favourite food, or a favourite drink – I have multitudes of favourites, and they vary depending on my immediate circumstances. And I think this follows through with my passions.

So, yeah – that’s me 🙂

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Autumn Tingle Cupcakes

I had an attack of inspiration a month or two back, and experimented with some flavours I wanted to try. I threw in a bit of this and a dash of that, and actually having the foresight to right it down, which I’m glad I did, because the were pretty much on the scrumptious side.

Essentially they are pumpkin and spiced cupcakes with a cream cheese and maples syrup frosting. And gluten free. I’m sure they’d work just as well with normal flour, but I am trying to do all my cupcakes GF now, as it seems probable that both Tusk and Ratbag might have a bit of an intolerance.

So, when I had the opportunity to catch up with some fabulous women the other day, and since I finally had my Kenwood Chef working again, I took it as an excuse to commit cake.

The result under the cut…


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I’ve Said It Once…

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