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Galactic Suburbia Celebration Cake

Tonight, the awesome Galactic Suburbia will have been podcasting for a year1! And to celebrate we were all instructed to bring cake. So here is mine:



But what is in a Galactic Suburbia Celebration Cake?

It was a given that it needed to be chocolate. But what sort? There is  a nice solid, chunky chocolate biscuit base to build my cake on, because every book needs a good solid base. The  outside shell is a mix of white and dark chocolate, to represent racial diversity. Inside is a light fluffy chocolate mousse, because I like my reading to have some light and fluffy, but in honour of Tansy, it is laced with big bits of nougat, just to make it crunchy.

So there you have it, a lot of thought and reasoning to  make a perfectly symbolic cake for Galactic Suburbia2.

1 That’s every two weeks, not you know, continuously for a year.

2 Or it could just be that I knew what type of cake I wanted to make and then came up with justifications for it


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