The Week that Was…

July 4, 2011 Ka'ela Ja'el

It’s been a heck of a week, really, so of course, since I’m so busy, I decide to set up not one, but TWO new blogs. I think the influence of editormum and girlie jones is rubbing off on me. And if that’s not enough I’m seriously considering taking on a slightly crazy project. Well, I was considering one *really* crazy sekrit project, but that fell through, so now I’m looking at a totally different, not-so-crazy one. Yup – they’re definitely a Bad!Influence.

So, the busyness of the week…

I think I’ve had visitors in one capacity or another all week – which has meant cooking (Yay!) and cleaning (Boo!). However, I have actually been pretty industrious in the cleaning department lately and have done some major cleaning and sorting. (Though I still haven’t quite managed to throw out those broken earring from the 80’s…) And I have got to the point with my bedroom where I am Over It. So, while it’s half sorted, it’s also in a worse state of disarray then it was when I started.

My recently divorced cousin Helga lives around the corner from me, and the lease on her rental was not being renewed so she had to hand the keys back today. She has three girls, and at the beginning of last week they still hadn’t found a place to rent, so things were getting a bit stressy. Finally, she got a really nice place on Thursday. The rental market is a nightmare out there…particularly for a single parent it seems. I’m so very glad we have our own place. So, since Friday, we’ve been busy moving and cleaning and all the other assorted ergh that goes with that.

Yesterday The Ratbag officially moved out of home. He’s eighteen, and determined he can be an adult, so he’s moved in with a mate from work, starry eyed about a life of independence. I’m a little sad about it, and I hope it works for him, but I think he’s going to be in for a rude shock. He only has a (very) casual job, and he wants to apply for Youth Allowance, so we have to fill out a form as to why he can’t live at home…except he can. So I’m not actually holding my breath that he will get any money from Centrelink. Hopefully he can pull himself together and get a full time job, or study.

The week ahead looks almost as busy. My parents are coming down on Wednesday. Well, they will be here on Saturday, but they’ll be in Perth during the week. Thursday I’m meeting Mum at Ikea to go shopping for her new kitchen, and to check out some drawers that I want to get. And I have a job application I need to do. I usually cannibalise old ones to address criteria, but I think I am going to start from scratch and make it all fresh and new. It’s an awesome opportunity, and would be a fantastic job. Plus it would give me a lot of networking opportunities for The Seed – so, fingers crossed.


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  • 1. fablecroft  |  July 4, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    I think the bad influence is a reciprocal process… 🙂

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