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July 8, 2011 Ka'ela Ja'el
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Yesterday I trekked up to Ikea to meet mum and help her pick her new kitchen. This meant braving the early morning again, which I have become relatively unacquainted with in the last few weeks, and, really, I am quite content to keep it that way. Early mornings are currently cold! And since my face is resembling that of a sun baked dragon because of a dermatitis/psoriasis (even the specialist couldn’t decide which it was) flare, the cold was just making it sting all day, and making me want to claw my skin off.

My fun at Ikea was impaired, because the black hole that is the Office of Shared Services still hasn’t processed my final pay from the contract position I held. Who would’ve thought it was that hard? After all, they only found out BACK IN DECEMBER that I would be finishing on the 27th May. And they were reminded again at the end of April when the Finance Officer processed all the paperwork – so it’s only been ten weeks since they had that reminder, so I guess I can’t expect too much of them. Totally not surprised that the plug has *finally* been pulled on them.

Also got to play referee between Mum and one of the Ikea staff as they squared off over what should and could go into the kitchen space she had – now that was shaping up to be fun! 😀 Mum had Definite!Ideas,

Still, I did get to size up the drawers we wanted for our bedroom and work out what bits and pieces I want from there. And to spy Cool New Things that I’m positive I Need, and Will Find A Spot For. So there will be a few more Ikea adventures in the future months as I fill out my collection.

Today I’m being all virtuous and housewifey. In fact, I’ve been like that mostly for the last week, which is one sign that I am pulling out of the depressive slump I was in for a few weeks, where nobody loved me. I’ve found my cooking mojo again, and I’ve been baking up a storm in the last week. Last night I made 2 batches of  raspberry rocky road – white and dark. Today is more baking, and I’m going to freeze up meals and desserts.

But the housewifeyness extends past cooking – I’ve been cleaning, and sorting. Which is great. I just hope I keep it up. I’ve been slowly working through various rooms in great spring cleans.

Also had my annual Home Schooling assessment recently and received my report in the last week. Passed with flying colours, thank you. Not bad, given I was working full time for 5 months of that.

So now I have the Munchkin sitting at the table doing his maths, before he gets to do his science, and I have the house to fill with yummy baking smells.

Oh, and work on my job app.


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