Ninja Mice Invasion

July 15, 2011 Ka'ela Ja'el
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It seems we’ve been invaded by a horde of ninja mice. They leave no evidence they’ve been. They steal no food, leave no droppings. But The Duchessa, Primary of the Feline Triumvirate, knows they’re here. She’s been chasing them all night – reaching under the couch, diving between cushions, jumping up walls after them. I’m not sure how successful she has been, because I CAN’T SEE THEM! but she has worn herself out hunting them.

I think they may have sent a scouting party the night before last, because she did the same then, but she must have scared them off, because she only carried on like that for a short time.

I just hope they’re not here to assassinate me in my sleep. I should be safe, The Duchessa sleeps on my bed, but the kids…they’ll have to fend for themselves.


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