Cooking Day

July 18, 2011 Ka'ela Ja'el
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Monday has become my Cooking Day, and I had decided I was going to do some cakes. Until I opened the freezer.

I keep a lot of my dry baking goods in the freezer – flour, cornflour, custard powder, icing sugar – that sort of thing. I mainly do it out of habit formed from living up north where cockroaches, mice and weevils could find their way with a dogged determination into even the most well sealed containers. Well, the shelf that keeps my baking goods was looking a little cluttered so I decided to sort first, and this is what I found:

  • FIVE packets of Cornflour – 3 brands, 2 varieties (4 x Regular, 1 x Gluten Free)  4 open (I also have two unopened of Regular boxes in my storage pantry)
  • THREE packets of Custard Powder – all different brands, all open
  • FOUR types of Plain Flour (Regular, Unbleached, Gluten Free, Wholemeal) – all open
  • THREE different types of SR Flour (Unbleached, Gluten Free, Wholemeal) – all open
  • TWO large boxes of Cocoa Powder – Both open
  • FOUR bags of Pecans – 2 open
  • FIVE bags of Icing Sugar – 4 open
  • TWO bags of Pearl Barley – Both open
  • TWO boxes of Rice Flour – 1 open

There was other stuff too, but that was all my doubled up stuff – no wonder I couldn’t find anything in there.

So its all nicely sorted and organised now. Which actually created a secondary bonus for me. I seem to have accidentally implemented a successful breeding program of plastic containers, and they’re spilling onto bench tops and into cupboards they have no business being in, so now, that problem has been alleviated somewhat. (I wonder whether sub zero temps affect the fertility of plastic containers)

I did eventually manage to bake, but I wasn’t happy with the result so I thought it would be far more interesting to talk about my freezer. I tried to make sponge cake cupcakes. And I realised something, I don’t think I have ever made a sponge in my life. Not surprising really, when I see how many eggs they take!

But anyway – I tried. Uh, yeah. It seems I pulled them out of the oven slightly early. Some of them are a bit…moist on the bottom, and not in a good way. They’re not going to waste though…Tusk loves them. As soon as he realised I wasn’t going to bother decorating them he scoffed a couple down and snaffled a few more for work, so they won’t go to waste.


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