End of an era…

July 23, 2011 Ka'ela Ja'el
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In a quiet, leafy suburb of Perth, is the Riley Road House. It’s a quaint, cottage style home with polished floorboards, on a true quarter acre block. It’s the home my Aunty and Nan moved into over fifty years ago, and where they lived until their deaths.

It’s the house where we had family reunions. Family lunches under the almighty grapevine become legendary and expected.

Last night we said good-bye to the Riley Road House.

It was a lovely gathering – cousins, neighbours and friends all came to pay their respects.

As did the new owners.

They’re a lovely couple, with two little girls, and I think it was nice that they had the opportunity to experience the love and laughter in the house, to see what it could be.

But as sad as it is to say goodbye to The Riley Road House, there have been some big wins in the booty sector. Tangible items that allow me to learn just a bit more about my history, and my forebears.

It seems that both Nan and my aunty were hoarders of a sort. When Nan died, my aunt kept nearly all of her things – the granny-flat was tidied and sorted, but all the furniture and photos and knick-knacks stayed.

And so did the paperwork. My goodness – it’s awesome! I now have a partial copy of the family tree, and can get far, FAR more if I want 🙂 My aunty did the various trees at one point and there are dozens of archive boxes of information that she has collated.

And there are letters to and from various family members that go back fifty years and more I think – including an awesome eight page handwritten gem of a letter from my mum to my aunty telling her in no uncertain terms what she thought about something. Dad is making noises about destroying some of the letters, but I will drive to Geraldton and tackle him before I let that happen!

I’ve been enjoying reading my Nan’s travel diary from her 1964 cruise to Japan, and now I also have HER mother’s travel diary from her year long tour around New Zealand in 1935 – all beautifully typed out on her little portable Corona Typewriter that she took with her.

I scored a few OLD books, including one that is in really bad condition, that looks like it may have been one of my Great Grandfather’s school textbooks. And this school project of his from when he was eleven:

It’s about A3 in size, is all hand drawn and inked and very detailed.

It’s beautiful!


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