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August 8, 2011 Ka'ela Ja'el
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Something rare and exciting happened yesterday. I spent the day with my four sisters. When I say rare, I don’t mean it’s a once a year treat or something, I mean that as far as I can recall, this is the second time in history that the five of us were in the same room together.

The only other time was about eight years ago at their mum’s funeral. We all see each other in singles and pairs fairly regularly, but to have the five of us in a room together – that was a rare event. And, apart from riots in London and the stockmarket crashing, the world didn’t implode too badly.

It was a very impromptu plan – devised, I think, over a bottle of wine on Saturday night. It involved all of us descending on S1 who lives in Margaret River for lunch and a slumber party, because really, if we need to choose somewhere to gather, why would we choose a house in suburbia when we could stay in a castle overlooking the ocean. Particularly when that castle comes with a wine cellar!

We met for a late lunch at the Watershed, which has absolutely divine food!

My lunch:

Prawns, vanilla mayonnaise (OMG! Yum!), and other ‘elements’.

It was a wonderful chance to bond a bit and get to know each other a little better. It was fun discovering how alike we are, and to drink some wine together.

S2, part gypsy that she is, is fresh from spending a few years working, first in the Turks & Caicos, and then in the Yukon, and is now working in Gove with her husband, so we got to look at all her gorgeous photos.

Of course, no family gathering is complete without Dramah! is it? After a few glasses of wine, S4 had a bit of a paranoia meltdown, and she ended up taking herself off to bed a bit earlier than the rest of us, but she was fine by morning.

All in all, a wonderful day, and I hope we get to do it again, soon.


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