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I like planning things. Lists. Events. Adventures. Projects. Dinner parties. Doesn’t really matter if I actually end up being able to carry our the plan, for me, most of the fun is in the planning. If they actually happen, well, that’s a bonus!

And now I have a new project to plan!

All* my friends are heading off to WFC! *wail* But it has made me think about our future holidays. Yesterday I broached the subject of London WorldCon in 2014 to Tusk, and he wasn’t averse to the idea. So we are contemplating making it a Super!Holiday.

It’ll be an early celebration of our 25th anniversary – or a celebration of our 25th engagement anniversary. Also, kid-free! or, you know, maybe one (18 year old) kid.

Now we’re looking at all the Things We Want To Do:

  • E3 (usually early-mid June)
  • San Diego Comic Con (usually mid-late July)
  • World Con (August 14-18, 2014)
  • International District Convention (usually around June/July)
Tusk has his LSL that we can take and, hopefully, all these things should fall within a three month window, and we could fit them all in.

In the times in between, we can visit the Places We Want To Visit:

  • Macchu Pichu
  • Canada
  • Arctic
  • Europe
At the moment, it’s all a bit of a pipe dream, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting. Today I played around with those websites that let you plan a Round-The-World-Ticket and there were all kinds of places we could end up.


*Where all = a few, well, a couple anyway



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On our way to self-sufficiency somehow…

My hobby of the moment might be baking and cake decorating, but Tusk’s hobby is aquaponics, and a bit of gardening. And, since there has been some very distinct springlike weather in Perth the past week I have been shanghaied into helping. Argh sunlight! Fresh air! Not really. It’s actually been very pleasant out there.

Tusk started playing with aquaponics last year after one of his workmates was talking about it. We got an abundance of vegies out of it – the usual suspects: broccoli, cauli, tomatoes, spring onions, lettuce, leek and a few herbs. But something went wrong with the water and all the fish died. Twice.

So, for a while the beds were pretty bare, while he fine tuned what he was doing, and where they were best located to get the right sun and shade. And now, we he seems to have them in just the right spot.

Three Weeks Ago 



Tusk has just transplanted these from the bed at the other end, because I am going to use that as my herb garden. They seem to be coping okay so far.

As you can see the cabbage moths have been feasting. The poor thing has been decimated.

It turns out, mint is a natural deterrent for cabbage moths, and while it was down in the herb garden it was perfectly situated.


Rocket and tomato.

We also planted some Vietnamese Watercress and some Brahmi in the guttering at the front.

Must be a good spot because it’s all growing!

In the glasses are avocado seeds that I have managed to get to sprout, so they’ll join the orchard soon.

Tomatoes, lettuce and spring onions.

Look at the size difference in the tomatoes!

And this is the herb garden.

Mint, thyme, Italian parsley, basil, Thai basil and oregano.

The mint has already been chopped back because it was going to take over the whole bed if we weren’t careful J

I’ve also added in chives, garlic chives, parsley, peppermint and a few others.

We’ve drawn up a list of what vegies we use a lot of and what we should be able to grow, either in the beds, or just in the garden itself. We already pumpkin, cucumber and watermelon planted around the side, but I want to try onions, and maybe asparagus.

And in an effort to combat bugs and other nasties, we’ve been looking into companion gardening, so I’m probably going to have to replant my herbs so they are near plants they can assist in some way – no loafing off in my garden! You have to earn your keep.

That’s not the end of it either. Our backyard has a potential orchard of fruit trees – apple, mandarin, fig, peach, apricot, white mulberry, loquat, strawberries and some others that I can’t remember. The mulberry is in full fruit atm, and I have taken to freezing the berries as I pick them, the peach and apricot of dozens of tiny little fruit on them, so hopefully we can keep the birds and fruitfly away long enough to harvest them.However, when I learnt what is the most effective thing for keeping fruitfly away, I’ve decided I’m quite happy using sprays.

And the fish, well he’s set up two tanks – one with silver perch and the other with a dozen marron. When we bought them, the biggest marron would have been about 5cm long, maybe. Now they all seem to be thriving, and they average about 10-15cm in length. They might still be a way off eating size, but they’re fun to watch at night night time.

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In which I get morbid….

Today I went to a funeral.

It was sad, as these occasions are wont to be, but for me I found the sadness reached a new level. Uncle J was the first of The Next Generation of my maternal family to pass away.

Earlier this year, Aunty P died. She was my dad’s only sister, and she was 89, so she had a good innings.

Uncle J on the other hand, was the husband of my mum’s oldest sister. He was not quite 70. (Yeah, work the maths out, there’s a big age gap somewhere that maybe I’ll tell you about one day.)

He’s been battling cancer for the last six months, in a not very pleasant kind of way. So in the end, it was a blessing really.

Anyway, it occurred to me in the last few days that this is the beginning of the end of my mum’s generation. Yeah, I know, rather morbid, really, but the reality is that all mum’s siblings and partners are of an age that really they are going to start passing away.

In fact, the maternal side of my family has done rather well really, when I think about it. My mother has five siblings, and each of them is married. So I still have two parents and nine aunts and uncles. Pretty good really, in the scheme of things. My grandparents were both close to their 90’s when they passed away, but other than that the only death in the subsequent generations has been my brother, Brusome.

And while one side of me is saying “Come on! They are entitled to grow old!” and “Really!? One person out of twelve family members! Be thankful!” the other is doing the math (1) and saying “Time is running out!”  But despite this, I’m being all morbid, and looking at the prospects of my various family members:  My aunt has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer – some incredibly rare form that even her specialist has only ever read about, so they are totally unsure of how it will respond to treatment. My uncle has some lung disease that requires some heavy duty treatment every couple of months. Closer to home, my dad is 86 now and his health issues over the past few years have really started to slow him down and turn him into an old man, and this isn’t to mention the health issues mum has accumulated since her car accident.

So, yeah. Possibly over tired from a big weekend, and emotionally drained = morbid.


(1) Have I told you one of my motto’s is ‘Maths is evil’, and I’m not very good at maths!?

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

This weekend seems to have been about Romans. Not the Italian Romans but more the Centurion type, you know, the ones from two thousand years ago. The fantastic Tansy, who I think may have a thing about Ancient Romans, has been doing a series of posts on the Matrons of Awesome.

Now, I have a confession to make. I wasn’t really reading these, just glossing over them as she posted them, and then she posted the brief history of Livia Drusilla and somehow I was hooked. I had to go back to the beginning and read through them, and now that I’ve had the cook’s tour of the Roman Matrons I want to re-read Love & Romanpunk, seeing as I now have a deep, educated understanding (1) of the women she references.

So, I finished reading all about Livia, and Julia, and Drusilla, and Antonia, and Julius, and Brutus, and Caligula.And picked up my very next bit of study material only to have it reference Caligula straight away!

Which rounded off the day nicely, really.

(1)Ha! Not really

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