REVIEW: The Angælien Apocalypse

November 20, 2011 Ka'ela Ja'el
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BOOK: The Angælien Apocalypse/The Company Articles of Edward Teach

AUTHOR: Matthew Chrulew

PUBLISHER: Twelfth Planet Press

RRP: $12.00

I’m always a little bit terrified when I read a story that utilises biblical elements. I think there’s always a possibility when you read stories that dwell on premises that are at the core of your belief that you’re going to get offended. Maybe because an author has seized on just a few points that they think they know, but they’ve failed to understand, or because they take the story into the realm of the blasphemous.
This doesn’t mean I don’t read stories that contain those elements though. I might read them, but my stomach will stay balled up and my breathing will be shallow because I’m tensed, waiting to see how things play out, unsure whether I am going to be offended or upset.
I was a bit apprehensive when I started reading “The Angælien Apocalypse”. Actually, that’s not quite correct. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really have any idea what it was about when I started, but within the first few pages I was getting the idea.
The story is set in the near future and looks at the imminent return of Jesus, together with the rise of the Anti-Christs, and the warring factions behind the return. There was one point in particular where it very nearly lost me, providing an either/or scenario that I couldn’t come to terms with, but as I continued, albeit with some apprehension, this resolved itself.
All in all I enjoyed what Chrulew did with this story, weaving numerous aspects from various parts of the bible into a cohesive and entertaining story.


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