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My day…

You know that big week I was talking about? Well it just got ramped up a notch or two.

It kinda started yesterday afternoon when my manager told me she wouldn’t be in today, and asked me to be in charge. Wha-? I’ve been there a month! Flattered, yes, scared, hell yeah. Mostly I think it was because I had already agreed to start at 7am so I was going to be there  and have things running by the time everyone else got in.

Anyway, last night saw both Tusk and I head to bed early – me, with a migraine, him with a bad back. ‘

When the alarm went off at 5 this morning, I didn’t want to get up, but that’s understandable, after all – FIVE A.M.!

So I went to grab my phone from the headboard – its resting spot is maybe 12 inches horizontally from where my head was – but it wasn’t there. I figured I’d knocked it off, and it had fallen down the end of the bed, but I couldn’t see it. So Tusk tried calling it, and it went strait to message bank. Well, that’s a pain – it was almost dead last night, so I must’ve knocked it off fairly early in the evening. It means I’m not going to have my phone today for work. No Twitter! (Gasp!)

Then I walk out to the lounge room an my laptop is gone. I always get this little heart flutter when it’s not where I expect, and after a half second I calm down and remember that I’ve left it on the table, or hooked up to the printer, or you know, somewhere! But I hadn’t. It turns out they took my laptop, phone and purse, and Tusk’s laptop and wallet.

Tusk went for a drive down the road and found my purse and his laptop that they dropped when they climbed the fence to the vacant lot. So, you know, small mercies and all that, but still, my phone, and my laptop – my major means of communication – I kinda felt like my right arm had been cut off for much of today.

I managed to hold it together for most of the day – I went to work, and got stuff done, and was totally fine. Until I stopped for my lunch break, and tried dealing with the Telstra shop . then it all hit me and I may have fallen apart a teensy bit. Enough that work sent me home.

Someone was in my house! Eating my porridge. Worse, they were in my room, while I slept. And while Twilight!Bella might be comfortable with that idea, I’m NOT. Am just a tad creeped out now!

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Today I did battle with Boxing Day Salers, and I’ve got the war wounds to prove it. I’ve never attended Boxing Day Sales before, and I discovered that there’s a very good reason I have steered clear of them. They’re scary things! People were lined up 15+ deep out the door before we opened.

At one point I did my darndest to take out a glass shelf with my hip, and I suspect I am going to have the mother of all bruises to show for it. I bruise slowly but badly under normal circumstances – usually it take 3 or 4 days for a ruise to rise to the surface, but this one is already nicely discoloured. And SORE. It hurts when my pants brush against it, it hurts when I walk, or when I squat or bend or move.

Today also marks the beginning of a crazystupid week of work hours. I started working for a bit of pocket money – just a little bit to supplement Tusk’s income, that’s all we need. I certainly don’t need to work full time – ideally, I’d probably do about 15 – 20 hours a week. I have said I want a maximum of 30 hours, and no more than 3 shifts, but that I am willing to do more than that on occasion. Turns out, that was a Big Mistake. I thought last week was full on – I worked just over 30 hours over 5 shifts. Ons shift had me finishing at 9pm, meaning I’d get home at ~10.15, only to have to be back at work at 7am. Hello 5 o’clock – you’re very early, aren’t you!

But if I thought last week was hectic, that has absolutely nothing on this week’s roster. FIFTY HOURS – yes, you read that right. Fifty. Five. Zero. Six days straight. Well, 49.5 to be a little more precise, but still! That’s crazy hours. And it includes a 7am start tomorrow morning – so I am tucked up in bed already.

I’ve also taken the liberty of locking the Duchessa out of my room. She’s a cat with issues, and will only go to bed when we go to bed, and gets cranky if we stay up. I discovered last night that going to bed early will also incur her wrath. I hadn’t been in bed long when she jumped on the bed, meowed loudly, then stomped all over me. I had been asleep just long enough that going back to sleep was going to be a struggle. I was just starting to drift when she commenced round two – second verse, same as the first. So tonight, she has been banished. I’ve left The Boy instructions to open my door for her when he goes to bed. Hopefully she doesn’t come and extract her vengeance on me then.

And on that note, I am going sleepy bo-bo’s. Night all

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Australian Women Writers 2012 National Year of Reading Challenge

  In an effort to motivate myself to read a little more, and to think about what I’m reading, rather than just choosing brain candy, I’ve signed up for to 2012 Challenge.I have already identified a couple of books I want to read, but I’m going to try and be practical and so I’ve chosen the Stella Level. And I think I’ll be a Dabbler. That means 3 books, 2 reviews.

So, what’re the deets?

Challenge period: 1 January 2012 – 31 December 2012

Goal: Read and review books written by Australian women writers – hard copies, ebooks and audiobooks, new, borrowed or stumbled upon by book-crossing.

Genre challenges:
Purist: one genre only
Dabbler: more than one genre
Devoted eclectic: as many genres as you can find

Challenge levels:
Stella (read 3 and review at least 2 books)
Miles (read 6 and review at least 3*
Franklin-fantastic (read 10 and review at least 4 books)*
* The higher levels should include at least one substantial length review

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Adventures in caking…

I caked and baked in the last few days.


You may recognise some familiar items from this post. After making them, I was hit by inspiration to make a packing box, complete with packing foam peanuts (mini marshmallows), to take to my friend Tehani’s “Going Away Do”.

The cake was a VERY RICH and dense 4 layer chocolate cake, complete with strawberry mousse filling, and LASHINGS of ganache. (I actually ladled the ganache over the cake.) I  managed to outchocolate even the most die-hard chocaholics that were present. And the strawberry mousse filling – Oh. My. Goodness! Yum. Fresh strawberries and cream cheese and…and…and…nomnom) Oh and yeah, my previous post about strawberry sensitivity…I think I can say it’s confirmed. :/

And these:

These are all Tansy’s fault. She had to show me steampunk cakes last week. So OF COURSE I had to try making some. I was really pleased with how these turned out.

Note the ones with the letters? Well, I was aiming for old fashioned typewriter keys, and I did TW for Tehani’s initials, since I was going to take these to the do as well, and then I was going to do FC for FableCroft Publishing, which is her company, but I didn’t end up with the C, and that didn’t bother me too much. However, what that did give me was this:


And so I leave you with a pic of Tehani cutting the cake. It was a lovely day, although I did catch a bit too much sun I think. I’m starting to look decidedly pink.

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I’ve Said It Once…

Past Ingredients