December 26, 2011 Ka'ela Ja'el

Today I did battle with Boxing Day Salers, and I’ve got the war wounds to prove it. I’ve never attended Boxing Day Sales before, and I discovered that there’s a very good reason I have steered clear of them. They’re scary things! People were lined up 15+ deep out the door before we opened.

At one point I did my darndest to take out a glass shelf with my hip, and I suspect I am going to have the mother of all bruises to show for it. I bruise slowly but badly under normal circumstances – usually it take 3 or 4 days for a ruise to rise to the surface, but this one is already nicely discoloured. And SORE. It hurts when my pants brush against it, it hurts when I walk, or when I squat or bend or move.

Today also marks the beginning of a crazystupid week of work hours. I started working for a bit of pocket money – just a little bit to supplement Tusk’s income, that’s all we need. I certainly don’t need to work full time – ideally, I’d probably do about 15 – 20 hours a week. I have said I want a maximum of 30 hours, and no more than 3 shifts, but that I am willing to do more than that on occasion. Turns out, that was a Big Mistake. I thought last week was full on – I worked just over 30 hours over 5 shifts. Ons shift had me finishing at 9pm, meaning I’d get home at ~10.15, only to have to be back at work at 7am. Hello 5 o’clock – you’re very early, aren’t you!

But if I thought last week was hectic, that has absolutely nothing on this week’s roster. FIFTY HOURS – yes, you read that right. Fifty. Five. Zero. Six days straight. Well, 49.5 to be a little more precise, but still! That’s crazy hours. And it includes a 7am start tomorrow morning – so I am tucked up in bed already.

I’ve also taken the liberty of locking the Duchessa out of my room. She’s a cat with issues, and will only go to bed when we go to bed, and gets cranky if we stay up. I discovered last night that going to bed early will also incur her wrath. I hadn’t been in bed long when she jumped on the bed, meowed loudly, then stomped all over me. I had been asleep just long enough that going back to sleep was going to be a struggle. I was just starting to drift when she commenced round two – second verse, same as the first. So tonight, she has been banished. I’ve left The Boy instructions to open my door for her when he goes to bed. Hopefully she doesn’t come and extract her vengeance on me then.

And on that note, I am going sleepy bo-bo’s. Night all


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