January 5, 2012 Ka'ela Ja'el
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The last seven days have made for a hard week. I have surpassed general blahness and headed for some serious arghness. Mostly, I think, because of the break in, which has affected my sleep somewhat, but also exacerbated by suddenly working full time (and then some) hours again.

The week has gotten on top of me, and I’ve found myself indulging in behaviours I know hurt me, and aren’t good for me in any way, shape or form, and that I usually try to avoid. All that adds up to my not being able to cope to well, and by yesterday I was at the point where EVERYONE was ticking me off. Customers were asking stupid questions. Everyone was getting in my way when I needed to go somewhere. Just general arghness with the world.

This has all led to me being teary and mournful, and just generally miserable, last night and today.

The upside is, I only have to make it through six hours tomorrow and then I have a week off, Tusk will be on holidays and after a flying trip to visit my parents, we can potter around home and enjoy each other’s company.


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