General round up

January 15, 2012 Ka'ela Ja'el

Let’s see – an overview of the last week or so.

Tusk had holidays starting on the Sunday, so was unable to take Saturday off for our anniversary, so I ordered Thai take away and took it down to his work, and we ate that and drank a bottle of nice non-alcoholic cider.

I received some awesome cake decorating books from Tusk, and can’t wait to start experimenting.

Sunday, saw us head to a baseball game. This was my present to Tusk. He’s not a huge sporting fan, but he has always wanted to see a baseball game – just once. So we went and watched Perth Heat whoop play Brisbane. We had great seats, and it was an interesting experience.

Late Monday we headed to Geraldton with The Boy and The Nephew for a five day sojourn.

It included a day at Port Gregory where I mostly avoided sunburn, except for my Achilles Heel. Literally. Slightly pink on anywhere exposed, but bright red on the back of my ankle and heel where I repeatedly missed the sunscreen.

This was followed by a day at the pool on Thursday which was interrupted by the requisite trip to Geraldton A&E. I think there’s only one visit that we’ve made to Gero where we haven’t ended up at the hospital.This time it was my uncle – he has only just recently come out of hospital after having a knee operation accompanied by post op complications, and he was at the pool to do his hydro therapy when he got severe abdominal pains. He ended up being taken to hospital by ambulance, and it turned out he had kidney stones.

Friday the 13th – it was an up and own kinda day.  The bad – Some things caught up with me and I felt rubbishy and migrainey for most of the day. I wanted to bake, and escape into my own little world, bt that wasn’t possible. The good – it was my mum and dad’s 42 anniversary, and overall we had a pleasant day. Mum got a wheelbarrow from dad, so she was rapt 🙂 The Nephew had trouble wrapping his head around the idea that a wheelbarrow could be an appropriate gift – he couldn’t quite picture his mum being as pleased.

Saturday was an early start to help my uncle (the post-op, kidney stone one) do some tree lopping before heading home. We started at 7, and it was HOT. AND MUGGY. And generally disgusting. But we got through it – albeit with some additional sunburn.

Today, has been about relaxing, spoiling ourselves with a PS3, and crossing a bridge.


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