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REVIEW: Dark Space by Marianne de Pierres

I hate trilogies, I really do. In fact I hate series. That’s a lie, actually. I don’t hate series at all. In fact I generally love them. What I hate is finishing one book and wanting to dive into the next one immediately, only to have to wait. So, clever clogs me waited this one out. The whole series is available, and I have two books already, so I could comfortably start.

Except, I hit two hiccups.

  1. I thought the next book I had was book two, but it turns out it’s actually BOOK FOUR!
  2. The point is moot anyway, because I CAN’T FIND IT!

Now, I have to go book hunting.

Title: Dark Space

Series: Sentients of Orion (Book 1 of 4)

Author: Marianne de Pierres

Publisher: Orbit

Year Published: 2007

I love a good space opera, and this pushed nearly all the right buttons for me.  There were a few things I wanted to see in more of, but I actually get the impression they are going to be addressed in the next book.

In a far future where worlds across the galaxy have been settled, there is still discrimination and injustice. The discovery of a god-like being has a bearing on some, but for others, life goes on.

A young woman fights to keep her birthright, an heir disgraces his name, an ambitious architect will stop at nothing to attain greatness. And when the playing field of life is rocked, each person must examine themselves, and their motivations to find what kind of person they truly are, and what is important to them.

The story jumps around a little, mainly following four protagonists, but this serves to give a good overview of the situation.

The characters are real and solid. No one seems to be truly evil, or truly good, rather each person has many layers, giving them a genuine depth. And, like real life, relationships between the characters don’t always go the way one would expect.

So, the verdict: I loved it. I have to go and hunt the second book out TODAY.

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One of those days….

I had a full on day at work today. I knew it was going to be hard – my boss had asked me to spend today and tomorrow in the reserve area sorting it out. So I’ve been shifting dinner sets all day  talk about a weights workout.

So tonight I am totally shattered. I wanted a drink, a spa and an early night. So, why am I still up?

Well let’s see, first I forgot to turn the spa off and flooded the ensuite and a good square metre or more of the bedroom carpet.

Then, in my hurry to stem the flow, I accidentally let nearly *all* the water go from the spa. So I had to to refill it – and I *know* I way over used my quota of water today. (Sorry!) But I really needed to have a spa or I won’t be able to move tomorrow.

So I did. And I felt so much better. And then, while I was relaxing, there was an almighty crash from the kitchen. It turns out that the deep fryer decided to spontaneously jump off the bench spilling ~3 litres of oil across the floor.

And every spare towel was already soaking from the bathroom incident. I’ve washed the floor once. I’m about to do it again, and I hope that will suffice until tomorrow.

And then the cat threw up…

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The House of Plague

We’re battling the plague atm. Well, Tusk certainly is. I’m not sure how much of my sore throat is plague, and how much is just from all the haze and smoke from the bushfires that are around.

Poor Tusk though. Not only has he got the chesty, raspy cough thing happening, and the aches, he is a little feverish. Which becomes a hassle for him. It seems when he gets a fever he tends to get bad claustrophobia and panic attacks. He can’t lie down, or even sit still really. So he was up most of last night. He had several showers, came to bed about four times, watched tv, and sorted paperwork, and didn’t sleep at all. Not that I knew any of this, coz it takes a freight train to disturb me when I sleep.Good wife that I am, I didn’t know a thing until sixish this morning, when he actually woke me up so I could talk him down a bit.

Of course, since he was up all night, it meant that The Duchessa was as well. She’s a funny cat. Highly strung and very needy. One of her (many) quirks is that she won’t go to bed until everyone in the house is tucked in and settled. So when she gets tired she gets cranky at us to go to bed.

Usually, this isn’t an issue. We’ve settled into a reasonable routine with her and we get to sleep at a mutually acceptable time.

Except of course, that didn’t happen last night. She spent the night pleading with him to go to bed, and since he didn’t, she is tired and cranky with everyone today.  And you can bet, come eight o’clock tonight she’s going to be tearing our legs off trying to convince us to go to sleep.

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If real life lived by Reality TV rules…

I don’t watch a huge amount of reality TV, but occasionally something sucks me in. Mostly it sucks me in with the soap opera stylings – I watch an episode or part of an ep because it’s on just before or after something I want to see, or because there’s nothing else on, or because I can’t be bothered changing the channel.

However, it got me thinking. How much more productive would it be if your workplace worked like a Reality TV show. Your boss would have to be awesome all the time, to everyone or risk getting voted out of the workplace*. They’d have to work to get the best out of every team member in order to keep productivity and morale high, otherwise it’s:  “I’m sorry Mr Smith. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.”

And alliances. Colleagues would form secret alliances in the lunch room and…yeah, well, maybe that happens already.

And you’d get to do pointless and sometimes painful exercises, just because. Of course, if you work in government, you probably already do that.


*Please don’t think I want my boss voted off. My boss is lovely. However, I have had bosses that I would be first in line to vote off.

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Honeyed Nectarines

This week I discovered nectarines. Hush! I know I’m a bit slow on the uptake with some things. It’s not that I’ve never had them, I just never thought I *liked* them. I just think I’ve never had a nice one before.

Anyway, we bought a 10kg box of seasonal fruits this week, and that’s a lot of fruit for three people. But it has been nice.

Yesterday I was scouring the net for a particular recipe to use for a lunch date tomorrow, when I stumbled across an easy recipe for Grilled Nectarines with Honey Sauce, and since I still had a quantity of nectarines in the fridge, I decided to try it for dessert.


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