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Making amends

When I was little, not even in school, my mum had an Old Country Roses gravy boat. It was one of the few pieces of good china she owned, and the only piece of Royal Anything (in this case Royal Albert). She loved this gravy boat, and owning more pieces was always on her wish list.

Sometimes, when I had been good, she would let me make crunchy milo in the gravy boat. It was the perfect size for a small ‘tea party’. Then one day, I broke it. I’d climbed on the bench to get it down from the overhead kitchen cupboards, and it slipped from my grasp. I was devastated. Not least because, even at just four or five, I knew what that gravy boat meant to her.

Last weekend I finally made it up to her. While I didn’t get here a gravy boat,  we bought her a full OCR dinner set and matching tea set.

There are some things you will never forget in your life, and the look on her face was one of them.




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