My Crazy Cupcake Adventure – Salvage

June 17, 2012 Ka'ela Ja'el
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Seeking to salvage their foundering marriage, Melanie and Richard retreat to an isolated beach house on a remote Queensland island.

Intrigued by a chance encounter with a stranger, Melanie begins to drift away from her husband and towards Helena, only to discover that Helena has her own demons, ageless and steeped in blood.

As Richard’s world and Helena’s collide, Melanie must choose which future she wants, before the dark tide pulls her under … forever.

I’m starting the Cupcake Adventure Blog with Salvage by Jason Nahrung for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is the latest release from Twelfth Planet Press, and I’ve been playing with the idea of working backwards. Or not. I’ll see how the mood takes me. Secondly, I cooked these cupcakes, made the decorations, and then LEFT THEM HOME, so we never got to have them at the Twelfth Planet Party. Instead I had to improvise and we had Salvage Shortbreads instead.
Now they weren’t bad for a solution done on the fly, but they didn’t have quite the flavours I was going for.

Salvage is set on a small island, so It seemed like a tropical flavour would be appropriate. However, pineapple felt too summery, so I went with a coconut flavour.

I have a basic cupcake recipe, and while making them for the TPP party it occurred to me that I could switch out the cream in that recipe for coconut cream, which I did, and it worked a treat. And, as was pointed out to me today, also made the Salvage cupcakes dairy free…well, they would’ve been if I had realised and made dairy free frosting and carob shells.

I wanted the decorations to be beachlike, and the top of the undecorated cupcakes lent themselves to that look.


See! A pattypan of beach sand.

So, I made my (non carob) whitelate shells.


It also turns out slow cookers are really handy when handmaking chocolates. I had small ramekins with the various colours of chocolate and sat them in a few centimeters of water and it kept them nicely warmed so I didn’t have to keep rushing to use the chocolate before it hardened.

My plan was to roughly cover half the cake (or shortbread) in a blue frosting, to give the look of waves on beach sand, so I started making the frosting.


Added some colour…
Sing: Mixing colors, finding out what will happen

And some flavour…


And some more colours
Sing: Mixing colors, always finding something new


Until finally I was happy with the colour. Or the mixture had reached saturation point and I couldn’t add anymore colour.
Yep, that looks kind of stormy oceany bluey. #itlldo

Once they were all frosted,

I carefully sprinkled dessicated coconut along the edge to give the effect of breaking waves.

Then I placed the shells and voila, Salvage Cupcakes.



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