In Search of My Macaron Mojo

August 26, 2012 Ka'ela Ja'el

Macaron’s. That sweet little bite of heaven. So quickly devoured, so melt-in-your mouth. The bane of so many who venture into the kitchen.

Of course I had to try making them.

One reason is because they are gluten free, and since I’ve had to move into GF cooking as a general way of life now, I figured it’d be handy to know how to make them. But also, you know – they’re challenging, and I do like a bit of a kitchen challenge.

The first time I attempted them I had never actually tried one, so perhaps that wasn’t the wisest move. Not that I’ve let that stop me before.

They tasted fine, at least, I thought they did, but they were eggshell thin, reminiscent of crazy paving, and had no feet to speak of.

Since then I have tried macarons from several places, so at least I have an idea of what I’m aiming at.

I made some more last week:

Taste wise they rocked! Cranberry & Salted Pomegranate = yum!

Aesthetically, not so much. I obviously under mixed it as all my shells had nipples. Some of them cracked, and the oven was obviously a fraction too high  because they lost their pale pink colour and started to have a toasty look.

So, I read more blogs and recipes and guides on What Can Go Wrong, and I tried again today.

Things started off okay…they certainly looked better than my last attempts





The one batch of mix was able to give me three batches in the oven. Each batch came out a little differently.

Batch the first:

The second:

And the third:


As you can see, the third lot is overcooked…I’m trying to find the fine line in my oven temperatures to give my macaron’s a nice foot without toasting them,,,so far, not overly successful.

The second lot are my best. A few cracks here and there, no feet, but could be worse. And they kept their colour nicely.

Batch one was undercooked…which left me with something that looked like a Macaron Massacre – lots of gutted bodies.

They might not have ‘footed’, but I could still make them into wanabee ‘rons.

I still had some Salted Pomegranate filling left over, so I made some with that, and then the others I made White Chocolate & Raspberry


And look at this! ONE (semi) FOOTED MACARON:

Just don’t look at the back of it! However, I’m taking that as proof positive that it can be done!









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