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Meeting Parp

My paternal grandfather, Parp, died just before I was born, so I never knew him. By all accounts he was a larrikin, and a storyteller, and my dad is just like him. Before he died though, my aunt convinced him to write down some of his anecdotes and experiences of life as a pioneer in the Pilbara.

My aunt was the family historian  – she was the one who researched the family tree, and I think she had intentions of doing something with these recollections but time got away from her. It seems they may have sat in her office for decades, because when she passed almost two years ago my cousins found the half edited notes and decided to finish what she had started.

And so, at Katink’s funeral last week, all the siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews received their own copy of the book they had put together.Image

It’s full of Parp’s photos and remembrances, albeit some not quite politically correct now days, stories of station life, and even some stories about his father.

And this is my favourite photo in the book! My dad is the toddler. He is 86 now.Image

And so now I get to know Parp, just a little. And so do my kids.


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Fear me, for I am a Macaron Master!

Look what I made!


Nice shiny domes – check
Pretty, ruffled feet – check
Crisp outer shell – check
Soft, fluffy interior – check

But I do have a confession to make:

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Here’s to you, Katink! xx

The two people most like me in the world, in looks and personality, are my (half) sister Katink, and my niece MiniMe. If you have ever wondered what I might be like if I hadn’t been raised as a Witness you only need look at them.
Out of nowhere, Katink suffered an aneurysm on Friday.
Family and friends gathered at Charlie’s to stand vigil at first, and then to say goodbye to this vibrant woman. It was a testament to the person Katink was that the hospital had to make a conference room available so the doctor could talk to all of us when it came time to male *that* decision.
At 10.15am this morning we turned off her life support and let her go.
She was a voracious reader, devouring SF and fantasy, and thankfully was between books when this happened. Otherwise we would have found the audio copy of what she was reading so she could finish it. She was smart and did a three night stint on Sale of the Century, and was yelled at by the production manager for ‘taking the money’. She was a free spirit. A punk in the seventies as a teen, and a groupie after that – hooking up with one of the (pre fame) INXS guys for some time.
She was wacky and crazy and beautiful and thoughtful.
Katink was a mother and a wife, and for most of her life a little sister. One of her greatest wishes was to be a big sister, and I was blessed in being able to have that relationship with her for the last fifteen years or so.
Farewell Katink, you were more than just a sound effect, and we will see you again.
I also want to thank everyone for their thoughts and wishes and messages over the last few days.

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How to make a dinosaur

I work in the homewares department of a large department store, and this keeps my kitchengeek self well supplied with toys.

So when I saw this:

IMG_0383.JPG (2)

Now, generally I am not a fan of these jigsaw pans but I immediately knew *EXACTLY* what I wanted to do with it. And then it went on clearance and I paid like three dollars for it. Of course, that was months ago, and it’s been sitting in my cupboard ever since, because, well, time it is lacking.


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In which I have a heart attack…well almost

I haven’t been overly well for quite a while, and then a few weeks ago I had a good old fashioned “funny turn”. It involved fainting and prolonged dizziness and a few other symptoms. (Some of which had been around for a while and deliberately ignored.) And led to quite a bit of medical investigating. And some not altogether pleasant results.

Of course, any sensible person would realise they should probably slow down in what they’re doing, but nooo, I’ve never been accused of being sensible. In fact, this seemed to be a trigger into ramping things up. I decided it’d be a fun idea to hold a quiz night, (and it was!) but at the same time I also got talked into increasing my hours at work. Now generally I do around twenty hours a week, and that suits me just fine. I have the weekend, two full week days and two afternoons off. Suddenly my hours are almost double and I wonder my I feel like I’m losing my grip on things?! 

A few years ago I started to live by the One Four Formula {OFF} – 1 thing a day. 4 things a week. Initially it meant I only had the spoons to do one thing a day – shopping, meeting, housework, service, coffee date – with a limit of four things a week. Anything more than that, particularly on a consistent basis, would see me in floods of tears on the couch for days at a stretch.

Over time I’ve been able to increase what I do,but I still kind of hold to the OFF. Now though, it refers to extraneous activities. Things like work, meetings, housework and service don’t really count. Well, not when I’m doing my regular work hours they don’t, at the moment I’m finding they do! and then some. 

What this means is I’m struggling to find time to do the things *I* like. It feels like I haven’t cooked or baked in FOREVER…at least not in a justcoz capacity. I’m battling to catch up with friends and family, and there are a few that I really need to touch base with that I haven’t, and so the guilt from that is also piling on.

I just have to make it through December. There is a light at the end of this tunnel and it’s called JANUARY!

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