KaelaJael and Her Awesome Shoes Present “FROCKTOBER 1st”

October 1, 2014 Ka'ela Ja'el

Well, it’s here.

Day 1.

Really, this is going to be a challenge, coz I have a short attention span, and the likelihood of me blogging everyday for a month *is* slim. But I am going to give it a shot.

So today, I had to work. Yes, I hear the sarcastic “poor you” many of you are muttering, and I realise I am in a fortunate situation where I don’t have to go to a full time, soul sucking job. But *still*…it’s wooorrrkkk. /whine

Anyway, I had intended to post a pic of my the dress I was wearing to work, but then I decided that maybe the first day of FROCKTOBER really needed something a little more dressy.

And it’s hard to go wrong with a little black number….so here is my offering for day 1:


This is one of those dresses I have had forever. I’m not sure where, or even when, I acquired it, but it’s a favourite. It’s wash and wear, which is always a great thing, and it can be dressed waaayyyyyy up, and yet it’s so comfortable. Lots of breathing *and* eating room.

I am doing FROCKTOBER in honour of my Aunty Marg who passed away from ovarian cancer last Thursday.

If you would like to sponsor my efforts for FROCKTOBER, please click here.

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