KaelaJael and Her Awesome Shoes Present “FROCKTOBER 5th – Purple Haze”

October 5, 2014 Ka'ela Ja'el

I am doing FROCKTOBER in honour of my Aunty Marg who passed away from ovarian cancer on the 25th September.

If you have ever thought of donating to ovarian cancer research, or would like to sponsor my efforts for FROCKTOBER, please click here.

Day 5

Five days in a row! Are you impressed? I am! Although it’s just by the skin of my teeth, coz I totally forgot to take a pic this morning in my meeting dress.
So here I am in a ball gown, sans makeup. Because what else do you throw on before bed?

Once upon a time in my event organising career I would do gala events, so I have a wardrobe full of gowns. I love this one. I justified buying it at the time because I had shoes that matched it *perfectly* so I wouldn’t need to buy new ones, but in my scurry to get a picture tonight I couldn’t find them, and sadly, I suspect they were one of a number of soles lost in the last great shoe cull.

Goodnight xx

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