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Suffice to say, if I mention a movie or show in this post it is likely to be followed by spoilers.

I want to talk about Stoopid!Movies. (or Stoopid!Shows) and the Stoopedest of all Stoopid!Movies – “The Great Escape”.

Shut up. I know it’s a classic. And Steve McQueen. And I guess it is a good movie. It just also rates as a Stoopid!Movie.

I didn’t see “The Great Escape” until the mid 90’s – a little late to the party, I know. Specially since I love old movies generally…although maybe not war ones so much. And of course, a movie that’s been out that long, it’s likely that I’m going to have been totally spoiled for it already, right? You’d think!

My only ‘real’ knowledge of the movie was tiny clips that get shown in Classics Montages, and the late 80’s?, early 90’s Shell advert that spoofed the it.

Great Escape – Shell Advert

If you haven’t seen it, go and watch it, I’ll wait 🙂 It’s a cool advert, but I am a bit of an advertising junkie.

Anyways, one night, probably about 1995 or so, ABC is showing it. So I snuggle up with Tusk and we watch. I’m a bit wary, coz like I said, war movies and I? not-so-much. I enjoyed it, I really did. Right up until the end scene, where Capt. Hilts is zipping away from the Germans on his bike. I relaxed. I *KNOW* he gets away. I’ve seen the advert!  I know, as impossible as it seems, he makes that jump. I’ve seen him do it hundreds of times.

Stop laughing at me!

So, a Stoopid!Moovie is a movie that takes the expectations I have formed, and hits them in the stomach. Then stomps on them a bit. Sometimes those expectations are because I’ve been conditioned that this is what happens in a certain genre of movie. ie: Message in a Bottle – what kind of romance movie kills off the male lead at the end? Off screen no less.

Or it could be that the when I’m told something is based on a true story, I expect there to be at least one survivor, you know, someone who actually comes back and tells people of all the horrible/exciting/weird things that happened, especially since he’s NARRATING THE STORY –  The Perfect Storm, I’m looking at you. 

Or it could just be when the writer takes a major, or favourite character and KILL THEM. I watched Game of Thrones last night. Stoopid!Show…can you guess where I’m up to?


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