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I Know a Valley…(With pictures and MOAR PICTURES)

…I know a valley, My Secret Valley the world has to see

Yesterday was one of those rare moments of near perfect alignment of rosters and health and weather and free time – so (almost) on a whim, we seized the moment and headed to Araluen for a picnic.

We’d been as far as the tea house across the road for my cousin’s wedding a hundred (13) years ago, but had never made it to the gardens themselves.

The day was glorious, and the setting is stunning! Meandering along winding paths, laying in the sunshine. Admiring the poppies and tulips. Oh, the tulips…

Araluen is set in this gorgeous valley, and was originally a youth holiday camp, starting in the 1930’s, so it is very Secret Valley-esque.

But instead of being all native bush,

and wildlife,

waterfalls, both natural,

and cultivated,

there are large gardens of roses. velvet green lawns, and stunning fields of tulips


I’d been told the tulips this year are particularly magnificent, and I have to agree.




Hmm…that’s probably enough of tulips for now.

There were also stone cottage ruins, and carved log thrones scattered around the place.


The upshot is, if you haven’t been, then GO. And now is a good time, because, TULIPS. Another warm weekend or two and it might be too late.

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