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Winging It: S1.1 Pilot

It’s been twelve years since The West Wing premièred, and I never finished the whole series. I think we were dedicated watchers up until about season four,or maybe five, and then for some reason we stopped.

I’ve been meaning to get back to it ever since. I know its a great series – I loved it when we did watch, and so many of my friends still rave about it. So since I happened to pick the series up quite cheap (go the staff discount!) I figure I should utilise some of my public transport commute time and watch it.

As expected from the opening minutes of a new show we’re introduced to the cast.

  • Sam – ladies man
  • Leo – pedant
  • CJ – klutz
  • Josh – workaholic*
  • Toby – serious

*Well, the initial moments with him asleep at his desk kind of lead you to think that, but as the story progresses you realise it’s probably more worry about his foul up.

I remember: Almost the only thing I remember from this episode was Sam sleeping with a call girl, particularly his line regarding POTUS being his boss, not his friend, and then who POTUS is. I know it’s the first time I had ever heard the term, and the way the scene is delivered makes me think it wasn’t in general use before that…is that right?

Biggest surprise/discovery: That Laurie, the call girl, was Cuddy! Also Mandy. I don’t remember her at all! Not in the entire series. When I think WW cast, she just doesn’t exist. Are we sure she was always in there, or was she maybe photoshopped in later? 😛 Actually, on review, I wonder if that was because she isn’t introduced until after all the main staff and even the admin staff.

Favourite moment/s:

  • Leo: True or false, if I were to stand on high ground in Key West with a good pair of binoculars I’d be as informed as I am right now?
    Josh – That’s true.
  • Mrs Landingham telling Leo off for how he speaks in the Oval Office
  • The President giving a serve to the  religious right.

Observations: And the first political issue they’re dealing with  is “boat people” – different countries, a decade apart,  but the reactions of individuals are still the same.

And I can’t help wondering how POTUS’ bike accident would have been handled in this age of Twitter.

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