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I like planning things. Lists. Events. Adventures. Projects. Dinner parties. Doesn’t really matter if I actually end up being able to carry our the plan, for me, most of the fun is in the planning. If they actually happen, well, that’s a bonus!

And now I have a new project to plan!

All* my friends are heading off to WFC! *wail* But it has made me think about our future holidays. Yesterday I broached the subject of London WorldCon in 2014 to Tusk, and he wasn’t averse to the idea. So we are contemplating making it a Super!Holiday.

It’ll be an early celebration of our 25th anniversary – or a celebration of our 25th engagement anniversary. Also, kid-free! or, you know, maybe one (18 year old) kid.

Now we’re looking at all the Things We Want To Do:

  • E3 (usually early-mid June)
  • San Diego Comic Con (usually mid-late July)
  • World Con (August 14-18, 2014)
  • International District Convention (usually around June/July)
Tusk has his LSL that we can take and, hopefully, all these things should fall within a three month window, and we could fit them all in.

In the times in between, we can visit the Places We Want To Visit:

  • Macchu Pichu
  • Canada
  • Arctic
  • Europe
At the moment, it’s all a bit of a pipe dream, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting. Today I played around with those websites that let you plan a Round-The-World-Ticket and there were all kinds of places we could end up.


*Where all = a few, well, a couple anyway


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