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My Crazy Cupcake Adventure

This is one of those “It seemed like a good idea at the time” stories.

The Crazy Cupcake Adventure really began several weeks before Continuum 8, when Alisa and I were discussing what to do for the Twelfth Planet Press hour. In a moment of (insert adjective here)ness, I suggested themed cupcakes.

It was always going to be easier to make the cakes at home and transport them over frozen and unfrosted.

The challenge was going to be in decorating 300 cupcakes in a hotel room.

The tools I took:



The tools I didn’t take:

There were items I had packed, but when we reached the airport we discovered we were significantly overweight and had to do some quick and judicious culling, so in Melbourne I had to Make Do.

And of course, one of the tools I couldn’t take on the plane was my blowtorch. Fortunately Alex had recently acquired one so I was able to borrow that for some extreme cake decorating.

The day started at 7:30 when I went in search of Coles, which was hidden deep underground with no signage. So I, um, may have gotten a little lost. I procured most of my ingredients and Alisa later did a second foraging expedition to get the final ingredients, and some painkillers to knock a blossoming migraine on the head.

On top of operating with one solitary bowl, I had to find ways to soften butter and cream cheese to a temperature that wasn’t akin to a snowball on Mount Everest. I solved this by having the ingredients in my bowl and warming the bottom I the container with the hair dryer that the hotel supplied. it worked a treat! Except when I blasted the air into the bowl and ended up snorting a face full of icing sugar dust. I was tired and migrainey, okay!

Eleven and a half hours after starting, with ten minutes to spare, I finished. A quick shower and dress and I was able to swan into the party which was in full swing.

Nine minutes past seven I walked in and over half the cupcakes were gone! This is (one of) the reasons we don’t have many photos. And it is an awesome reason to not have many photos! 🙂

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On work…

I’ve been in my new job since late November. (Wow, over 3 months…time flies) It’s an interesting enough job and I quite enjoy it. And the women I work with are highly intelligent and lovely. And I am somewhat surprised at the amount of knowledge and experience there – we have a podiatrist, a long term kindy teacher, a public sector HR manager, an artist who does commissioned work, an electrical engineer etc. etc. These women have done *everything*. Most of them are awesome.

And then yesterday at work, I got offered a full time permanent position.

It really surprised me. Like I said, I’ve only been there since late November, and so I’m one of the newest recruits. (I think there’s one person who started after me.) No one has been offered permanency since I’ve been there. And I know that there are some people there who would love it. People who have been there a year or two in some instances.

And the thing is, I don’t want it.

There’s a couple of reasons:

  1. I don’t see this job as a permanent one. It suits it’s purpose (ie: providing me with an income) but I can’t see myself being there overly long term.
  2. Full time would kill me.
  3. And then there’s the commute on top of the hours. Add those two together and I would never see my family.

Now, if they come at me with a part time offer, that might be a different issue. There’s something to be said for having a regular roster, so I can kind of get a life happening, but the casual loading rate suits me fine…this is a supplemental income, so fortunately I don’t need to stress over holiday/sick pay.

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The last seven days have made for a hard week. I have surpassed general blahness and headed for some serious arghness. Mostly, I think, because of the break in, which has affected my sleep somewhat, but also exacerbated by suddenly working full time (and then some) hours again.

The week has gotten on top of me, and I’ve found myself indulging in behaviours I know hurt me, and aren’t good for me in any way, shape or form, and that I usually try to avoid. All that adds up to my not being able to cope to well, and by yesterday I was at the point where EVERYONE was ticking me off. Customers were asking stupid questions. Everyone was getting in my way when I needed to go somewhere. Just general arghness with the world.

This has all led to me being teary and mournful, and just generally miserable, last night and today.

The upside is, I only have to make it through six hours tomorrow and then I have a week off, Tusk will be on holidays and after a flying trip to visit my parents, we can potter around home and enjoy each other’s company.

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Today I did battle with Boxing Day Salers, and I’ve got the war wounds to prove it. I’ve never attended Boxing Day Sales before, and I discovered that there’s a very good reason I have steered clear of them. They’re scary things! People were lined up 15+ deep out the door before we opened.

At one point I did my darndest to take out a glass shelf with my hip, and I suspect I am going to have the mother of all bruises to show for it. I bruise slowly but badly under normal circumstances – usually it take 3 or 4 days for a ruise to rise to the surface, but this one is already nicely discoloured. And SORE. It hurts when my pants brush against it, it hurts when I walk, or when I squat or bend or move.

Today also marks the beginning of a crazystupid week of work hours. I started working for a bit of pocket money – just a little bit to supplement Tusk’s income, that’s all we need. I certainly don’t need to work full time – ideally, I’d probably do about 15 – 20 hours a week. I have said I want a maximum of 30 hours, and no more than 3 shifts, but that I am willing to do more than that on occasion. Turns out, that was a Big Mistake. I thought last week was full on – I worked just over 30 hours over 5 shifts. Ons shift had me finishing at 9pm, meaning I’d get home at ~10.15, only to have to be back at work at 7am. Hello 5 o’clock – you’re very early, aren’t you!

But if I thought last week was hectic, that has absolutely nothing on this week’s roster. FIFTY HOURS – yes, you read that right. Fifty. Five. Zero. Six days straight. Well, 49.5 to be a little more precise, but still! That’s crazy hours. And it includes a 7am start tomorrow morning – so I am tucked up in bed already.

I’ve also taken the liberty of locking the Duchessa out of my room. She’s a cat with issues, and will only go to bed when we go to bed, and gets cranky if we stay up. I discovered last night that going to bed early will also incur her wrath. I hadn’t been in bed long when she jumped on the bed, meowed loudly, then stomped all over me. I had been asleep just long enough that going back to sleep was going to be a struggle. I was just starting to drift when she commenced round two – second verse, same as the first. So tonight, she has been banished. I’ve left The Boy instructions to open my door for her when he goes to bed. Hopefully she doesn’t come and extract her vengeance on me then.

And on that note, I am going sleepy bo-bo’s. Night all

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The downside…

Do you know the big sucky thing about this new job? It has coincided with Transperth trialling the 4am trains. This means Tusk is now working full nights on a weekend.

What this means for us is that from 6am today until probably around 11am Sunday, we’re going to have seen each other (in a conscious state, at least…as romantic as the whole watching someone sleeping supposedly is, it doesn’t quite cut it for me) for a total of maybe 15 minutes.

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Back to the salt mines for me…

I liked this being retired thing, the not working, the sleeping in until 10am, the pottering around, watching TV, reading, hanging out on Twitter. It was awesome. I highly recommend it people – if you get the chance, retire!

And it was working so well!  Until two of my three children spread their wings and flew. I *thought* I was ready for them to move out, I really did, but it turns out I *really* wasn’t. I empty nested in a big way. It doesn’t help that it was the two noisy ones that moved out – the Munchkin remains, and he is as quiet as ever, happy to entertain himself.

The empty nesting brought a strong element of restlessness, and maybe part of that is that my workload at home has been cut considerably – way less washing when you remove two young adults from a house, less cooking, pretty much less everything, really. I didn’t really want to go back to work, at least, not full time, and not to a high pressure job, and I didn’t want to go and work nights again at the job-that-served-a-purpose.

Then, in one of those little quirks, an advert popped up on Facebook that a chain store was looking for casuals over the Christmas period, so on the spur of the moment I flicked my resume off to them. Actually, not my resume, but my professional CV. I didn’t tailor it at all, I just attached my latest and hit reply.

It must have been suitable, because a couple of days later I received an email inviting me to a group interview, and several days later I get this phone call:

Them: So, you know how you applied for a Christmas casual position? We think you are awesome and we’d like to offer you an ongoing position.


Them: In homewares. With kitchen goodies!

Me: Ooohhh…shiny!…and dangerous.

Them: Or you could work in ladies shoes…

Me: ***faints***

Them: Well?

Me: Um…home wares might be safer for my wallet.

Them: Wonderful! 

Then, I thought that through…Homewares is on the second floor, I have to walk *PAST* Ladies Footwear to get to it…


Anyway, I had my store induction today, and got slated for a couple of shifts on Friday and Saturday, and when I got home, they rung me to see if I could work tomorrow.

And so it begins again…


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I’ve Said It Once…

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