Continuum 8 Craftonomicon: Australian NatConWHEN: 8 – 12 June

WHERE: Melbourne, Australia

COST:  $190 (Full Membership)


  • Kelly Link
  • Alison Goodman
  • Sue Ann Barber
Swancon 2012: DOOMCONWHEN: 5 – 9 April

WHERE: Perth, Australia

COST:  $210 (Full Membership)


  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Marianne de Piers
Unseen University ConviviumWHEN: 6 – 8 July WHERE: Adelaide, Australia

COST:  $80 (Full Membership)


  • Martin Pearson
  • Daniel Knight
  • Pamela Munt
CON 9 FROM OUTER SPACE will be held in Melbourne on 14-15 July, 2012. Con 9 From Outer Space will be celebrating the golden age of science fiction movies, TV shows and radio up to 1965 – though the focus is mainly the 1950s. CONFLUX 8: ON THE BEACH will be held at Novotel, a four and a half star hotel located in Canberra’s city centre from 29-30 September 2012.
World Fantasy – Brighton 2013
World Con London 2014
Con NameWHEN: Date
WHERE: City, Country

  • Hotel & Link
  • Hotel street address
  • City, State Postcode

COST:  $Price (Full Membership) GUESTS:

  • Guest 1


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